Food and Drink

At the Runway Visitor Park, we provide onsite catering to suit everyone’s needs from visitors looking for a quick bite to eat from our "Grab and Go" offer, to those who want to enjoy a meal from our Concorde Restaurant to corporate clients who may want buffets and event fine dining.

Food and Drink at the Runway Visitor Park

The new Concorde Restaurant and Coffee House is perfect for those dropping in for refreshments while they enjoy the sensational sight of the iconic supersonic jet or looking to enjoy an excellent casual dining experience.


Runway Visitor Park Manager, Robert Pattison said: “It’s important for us to continue to offer excellent facilities on site so our customers can enjoy every moment of their visit to the park. 

We’re really excited about the new restaurant opening; we have a brand new menu with a great selection of full meals, snacks and takeaway options and a completely new look.”


There are picnic tables at the Runway Visitor Park if you want to enjoy your food outside.

Please do not feed the birds, as they are a hazard to aircraft. Please note that views of Concorde from The Restaurant may be obscured when there is a private event being held.

Corporate Hospitality

Our event hospitality lives up to the high expectations of catering and customer service that have long been associated with the Concorde brand. We offer a selection of lunch, dinner, banquet or special event catering options.