Cafe Nero

Caffè Nero at Manchester Airport is dedicated to two things: 

  • Creating the very finest handcrafted Italian coffee 
  • Providing a warm and relaxing atmosphere in which to enjoy it. 

Unwind with the finest espresso this side of Milan while treating yourself to our authentic Italian savoury and sweet treats. 

For more information call:
T2 0161 498 6540
T3 0161 489 3429

Cafe Nero
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What's in Store?

Offer 3
NEW Cappuccino Cake

Deliciously infused with Caffe Nero espresso

Offer 4
NEW Frappe Creme

Luxurious, cool and smooth, the Frappe Creme colle4ction uses only the highest quality ingreedients. Coconut & Chocolate, is the exotic taste fo creamy coconut on decadent layer of chocolate finished wit fresh, whipped cream.

Offer 3
Fruit Booster

Iced, fruity and naturally refreshing. Try our NEW Raspberry, Orange & Green Tea flavour.

Offer 4
Frappe Latte

Our famous and most popular iced coffe drink. Caffe Nero espresso, milk, ice and our special frappe mix are blended together to make this a refreshing, creamy and smooth tasting drink, that's also low in fat!