Home Relocation Assistance Scheme

Launched in 2006, the Home Relocation Assistance Scheme is intended to benefit local residents who have lived near the Airport for many years and wish to move to an area less affected by aircraft noise. Covering a significant proportion of the costs of moving home, this voluntary scheme applies to residential properties only.

Eligible properties are located within the 69 dBLAeq contour (as defined in 2002), predominantly covering those in Heald Green and Mobberley.

Do you meet the criteria?
There are three main criteria that you must satisfy:

  • You must be the owner occupier of the house.
  • You must have lived in the property prior to January 2004.
  • You must be moving to a quieter area, beyond the 63 dBLAeq 2002 noise contour. Typical examples of areas outside this contour are Wilmslow, Cheadle Hulme, Hazel Grove and Timperley.

How much is the assistance payment?
The amount of payment depends on the selling price of your house (excluding fixtures, fittings and extras). For houses selling for over 125,000 we will pay a further sum to cover Stamp Duty.

Sale price up to 125,000 = 3,000 fixed sum
Sale price above 125,000 = 3,000 plus 1% of the sale price
(e.g. sale price 150,000 = 3,000 + 1,500 = 4,500)
There is a cap equivalent to the payment on a 250,000 selling price.

How do I apply?
Before you exchange contracts on the sale of your house you can register your interest by telephoning our Community Relations team on 08000 967 967. We will need your current address, your solicitor’s details, your proposed new address and the agreed sale price of your current home (a copy of the deed of sale will provide us with most of the information we need).

For more information, please contact:

Manchester Airport Community Relations
Tel: 08000 967 967 (voicemail is available outside normal working hours)
Email: community.relations@manairport.co.uk

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