Flight Information By Twitter

You can now get live flight updates via twitter. Simply send us a direct message (DM) starting with the word FLIGHT followed by your flight number and we will send you a DM every time the status of your flight changes.

Eg for flight ABC1234 simply tweet:

D manairport FLIGHT ABC1234

In order to send us a direct message we will need to follow you. Simply follow @manairport and we will automatically follow you back. Stay following us so we can continue to update you on the status of your flight.

You can follow us right now by clicking this link and then updating your status.

This service is free and you can receive updates on as many flights as you require. If you wish to stop receiving updates by twitter simply send the manairport twitter account a DM with the word CANCEL.

Please note: Your DM should be sent between 12 hours before and 2 hours after your flight’s departure/arrival time.