Express Check-In - Questions

What is Express Check-In?
Express Check-In is Manchester Airport's unique self-service check-in system, enabling you to quickly check-in for an outbound flight (and onward connecting flights) from any participating airline.

When can I use Express Check-In for my flight?
Check-in times vary between airlines and tour operators, so we recommend you check with your airline before arriving at the airport. In general, you should be able to use any of the kiosks to check-in between three hours and 45 minutes before departure.

Check your departure terminal 

Where can I find Express Check-In kiosks?
Distinctive, lime green kiosks are in the Check-In halls in Terminals 1, 2 and 3, in Terminal 2 short stay car park, at Premier Park and The Station.

What do I need to use Express Check-In?
You will need any one of the following: your passport, e-ticket reference number, or a credit card (this is for ID only and doesn’t need to be the card used to buy your ticket). If you are travelling to any US destination, you will also need to register details of your home address.

How does Express Check-In work?
1. Touch the screen to begin
2. Select your airline and flight
3. Identify yourself using your passport, e-ticket or credit card number
4. Confirm your booking
5. Answer the security questions about your hold baggage
6. Print your boarding card and drop any hold baggage at the bag drop desks
7. Go straight to security

Do I have to pay more to use Express Check-In?
No. Providing your airline is offering kiosk check-in, you can use the service at no extra cost.

Can I use Express Check-In if I have hold baggage?
Yes. Express Check-In is for all passengers, with or without hold baggage. The nearest bag drop desks are identified by screens next to your check-in kiosk.

What should I do if I have hand luggage?
Firstly make sure your hand luggage contains no prohibited items, otherwise it’ll need to be checked in as hold baggage. Then check its size using one of the Size Matters gauges. Finally check-in using one of the kiosks then go straight to security.

Can I still use Express Check-In if I have a connecting flight?
Yes. Providing your connecting flight departs within 24 hours, you can check in for all eligible flights. If you are travelling to any US destination, you will also need to register details of your home address.

Can I Express Check-In other passengers travelling with me?
Yes. You are able to check-in up to nine passengers travelling together in the same booking.

I haven’t used Express Check-In before – is help available?
Yes. If it’s your first time using self-service check-in, don't worry. One of our team will be on hand to help you through the process.