What’s on at the Runway Visitor Park


Restaurant Refurbishment

Please note the Restaurant and take away will be closed from the 31st July 2014
The space is being refurbished to bring you a new Restaurant and Café in early September 14
We have a temporary provision available supplying a wide choice of Hot and Cold Food and Drinks.


Crocodile Joe’s Wild World

Crocodile Joe’s Wild World will be coming to the Runway Visitor Park on:

  •   16th, 24th & 30th August. 

Show Times
10:30, 11:45, 13:30, 14:45,16:00
Entrance to shows is subject to availability. To experience Crocodile Joe’s Wild World, all you need to do is book a FREE ticket on arrival at the park. 

August Events

Saturday 16
Crocodile Joe's Wild World

Saturday 23
Science of Flight Day - learn how aircraft fly

As you taxi out to the runway in your aircraft to head off on holiday, have you ever wondered what it is that makes it actually take off and fly? Why not find out through a fun journey into the science of flight and discover what really makes 200 tons of 747 jumbo jet fly! Journey with us into the real world of flying and try lots of different experiments which will help you to understand what really makes you fly!

Sunday 24
Crocodile Joe's Wild World

Saturday 30
Crocodile Joe's Wild World

Sunday 31
Antique Fair