Requesting Assistance

At check in make sure that you make the agent aware that you need assistance, they will then make sure our service provider has the correct information and comes to collect you if you require help immediately or once you have checked in. 

  • The reception point for assistance is available in the check in hall of each terminal. 
  • OCS will be at hand to greet you and to coordinate assistance from the check in point to the departure gate. These areas include enhanced seating, which is higher than standard seating and has retractable armrests and flight information monitors.

Reception points

  • Terminal 1 - is located opposite check in desk 22
  • Terminal 2 - is located opposite check in desk 56
  • Terminal 3 - is located opposite Flybe Ticket Desk

You may choose to remain in your own wheelchair or may choose to use one provided by OCS.

An OCS Customer Care Agent will be allocated to you and will take you through the security process to the departure lounge, where you are able to enjoy our facilities.

Airside assembly points

  • Terminal 1 - in front of Tempation outlet near Biza Duty Free Store
  • Terminal 2 - next to Gate 209
  • Terminal 3 - next to WHSmith in lower lounge

This is where OCS will meet you before helping you to the departure gate for boarding. However, if you prefer to make your own way to the boarding gate, you will need to agree a time with OCS, so that the Customer Care Agent can meet you there and help you board your aircraft. OCS has a range of specialist equipment to help you board your aircraft efficiently and will discuss your individual requirements and arrange the most appropriate type of help.