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Do you have a fear of flying? There is now a quick and easy solution that can be downloaded and used instantly: The Fly and Be Calm Fear Eraser.

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Fly and Be Calm is an audio course which brings together the latest psychological developments to bring a person to a place of peace and calm, whether they are on a plane or in the months leading up to the flight.

In essence Fly and Be Calm works in three steps.

1) Bring up as much fear as possible at the thought of flying. In other words your problem emotional state is activated. Rate the fear on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest).

2) Try as hard as possble to hold onto your fear whist listening to the 10 minute fear eraser.

3) Rate the feeling again and replay if any fear remains. Once all fear is gone try to bring up fear. Completion occurs when you are unable to bring up an fear even when trying.

As anyone who is scared of flying will know, the fear can often be physically felt. For some it is a tightness in the chest or head, whilst for others it is a churning in the stomach. This fear of flying cure quite literally removes this physiological response to nothingness.

Most will experience complete calmness after just one or two listens, though for some a little more repitition is required. Once the fear has gone, additional tracks are provided to create a positive expectancy of the flight and to lock in place the feelings of calm.

Fly and Be Calm is based on psychological technology which was initially devised to help trauma victims and other such people suffering from major emotional suffering. These tools and techniques are used by therapists all over the world and indeed many UK schools have begun utilising these methods to help children with a range of emotional difficulties.

If you require fear of flying help, no matter what you have tried before it is worth experiencing Fly and Be Calm. They offer a money back guarantee (see website for details) and because it works in a very different way to any other method on the market it is worth trying.

Manchester Airport passengers can input voucher code "FABC10" to claim a £10 discount off the full price.

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