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Runway Closures

Runway Closures 2015

During March 2015 we carried out maintenance work to the eastern taxiways adjoining Runway 1Runway 23R/05L. Further is required during 2015 and so dates each month have been identified between May and December (remaining dates are listed below). This has enabled a works programme to be planned and to provide advance notice; it is anticipated will be useful for our neighbours. During these nights of closure the routine maintenance tasks, necessary to keep our busiest runway and its’ adjoining taxiways in a good and safe condition, will also be carried out.

Runway 2Runway 23L/05R will be used as the sole runway between 2200 and 0600 hours on the following dates:

November 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th & 13th  
 December 1st & 2nd

As always, the prevailing weather conditions will determine in which direction aircraft will take-off and land. In the event of bad weather/low visibility, the works may be deferred and Runway 1Runway 23R/05L will be reinstated. Normal operations will resume at all other times. These changes are permitted within the terms of the Planning Permission Runway 2Runway 23L/05R.  

In November over just four nights (fifth night, 13th, is a weather ‘contringency’) works to Runway 1Runway 23R/05L will include:

  • Surface treatments at 60 different locations.
  • Four separate asphalt repairs. In these areas the existing worn surface will have to be cut away, the spoil removed and then new asphalt will be laid.

Normal housekeeping duties will include:

  • Grass cutting adjacent to the runway and around the Instrument Landing System (ILS) aerials.
  • Weeding/weed killing on the runway ‘shoulders’ and ‘arrester bed’.


Runway Closures 2014

For some nights in February/March/April/June/July/November/December we carried out some taxiway reconstruction work. In total this work has required 47 nights of closure of  Runway 1Runway 23R/05L and night time use of Runway 2Runway 23L/05R; 13% of the nights available January-December 2014. Whilst  Runway 1Runway 23R/05L was closed for these taxiway works we carried out the routine maintenance tasks necessary to keep our busiest runway in a safe and usable condition.

Regular Maintenance

The £Multi-Million refurbishment of  Runway 1Runway 23R/05L in 2010-2011 incorporated works that have reduced maintenance requirements; but it is our prime runway and is in use 24 hrs a day, seven days a week. The Runway and its’ adjoining taxiways experience heavy usage and naturally require maintenance; line painting, drain clearing, surface inspection (on foot by a team of operations colleagues) and other unglamorous housekeeping duties are all required to keep the Runway in a good condition. These tasks naturally require the runway to be closed to traffic. In July 2013 we had to remove rubber deposits (this is a routine activity) from both our runways.

In 2013 we had a total of 15 nights of runway closures in February/April/June/July/November, 4% of the nights available; compared to 22 nights/6% in 2012.

Runway Refurbishment 2010-2011

The work

Over 2010-2011 we carried out a £20 Million refurbishment programme on  Runway 1Runway 23R/05L. As a part of this project we compiled video clips to explain what work needed to be done and actual film of various stages of the work being carried out. Below are two video clips that review the project and our communication strategy for the works.

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Future runway closures

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Runway Refurbishment Videos

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