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Roadworks Information

A538 Roadworks Updates

Junction improvement works

Works have now commenced on the A538 junction improvement scheme; that will provide additional capacity on the road and improve access to Sunbank Lane. 

Unfortunately, there will be some traffic disruption along the stretch of road adjacent the Amazon and DHL warehouses until Spring 2018. On completion, the road will be widened to a dual-carriageway and the existing Sunbank Lane junction upgraded to signal control to access the Runway Visitor Park/Romper Pub and the World Logistics Hub.

 Key dates

  • 2nd June -As part of the construction work, the existing bus stops at Sunbank Lane junction will be relocated approximately 350m north towards the M56 Junction. To allow the safe installation of these temporary bus stops, some carriageway narrowing will be required in both directions. One lane of traffic in each direction will maintained; keeping disruption to a minimum.
  • 5th June -Bus stops relocated and footpath diversion implemented along Wilmslow Road/A538. Pedestrians heading north along Wilmslow Road from the Airport tunnels will be diverted left along a temporary footpath through the Amazon/DHL industrial estate and exit the estate beside the M56 roundabout. -See this detailed plan.
  • Weeks commencing 5th and 12th June -There will be a series of overnight lane closures controlled by two-way lights (Northbound and Southbound) while the main phase of traffic management is installed. There will also be some lane narrowing at the industrial estate entrance, however access will always be maintained.
  • 12th June – Early October -The first main phase of traffic management will become operational. This will maintain one lane of traffic in each direction; with all current access routes maintained. There will be some infrequent off-peak or overnight lane closures within this period; we will update this page with these dates as they are confirmed.

Please see pdf document providing a diagrammatical overview of upcoming traffic management. 

Runway Tunnel works

In the four road tunnels we are installing new energy efficient, low maintenance and controllable lighting and repainting the walls. In the four tunnels used by pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders we are painting the walls. In order to carry out these works the tunnels will need to be closed and temporarily capacity will be reduced to a single lane in each direction and traffic will share the same tunnels.

Safety restrictions commenced on Wednesday 3rd May:

Road Closures and diversions:

  • From 05:00 hrs on Saturday 6th May traffic in both directions will share the two tunnels that currently carry traffic from Hale Barns to Wilmslow. 
  • At the end of June there will be short night time closure for traffic traveling from Wilmslow to Hale Barns and then through July, August and early September traffic in both directions will share the two tunnels that currently carry traffic from Wilmslow to Hale Barns.
  • In early September there will be a final night time closure to return traffic follows to their correct tunnels. The dates of these June/early September closures will be confirmed as works progress.

Pedestrians, cyclist and horse rider tunnels:

  • There will be ten days closures for each of the tunnels that carry pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders.
  • During these closures a road crossing will be placed to allow users to cross the A538 and allow travellers in both directions to share the tunnels. The dates of these closures will be confirmed as works progress.


We will provide updates as these works progress on this page.