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Living Near the Airport

Environmental and Noise Management

Although the positive effects of our operation are felt across the region/United Kingdom; there are a number of issues we have to manage to ensure our neighbours are not too disturbed by the noise and road traffic that come with our success.

We have detailed plans in place to tackle and mitigate these issues; such as our Noise Action, Environment, Ground Transport and Land Use Plans. These are available to download for free from our archive. We work hard to be a good neighbour and aim to give something back to those most affected by our operations; through providing mitigation or the financial/practical support such a large organisation can provide.

Where Do Aircraft Fly on Arrival and Departure

If you live within 20 miles of a major international airport such as Manchester, it is inevitable you will see and hear aircraft. Many of our procedures and practices have been in place for decades; others have been introduced more recently. All are designed to ensure the safest and quietest aircraft operations possible.

The Instrument Landing System & Changes That Affect Arriving Aircraft

Checks to ensure the accuracy/strength of the Instrument Landing System require a number of approaches to our runways by a small propeller aircraft. The aircraft then breaks away south or north after each approach and orbit around for the next approach.

The approaches are planned for a window when the aircraft can make multiple approaches without having to wait for other arriving or departing traffic to clear the runway. This procedure has been formulated to reduce the need to circle at low level whilst waiting to make another approach, which could otherwise result in increased community disturbance. Our six-monthly ILS calibration flights are now due and will take place overnight 10th/11th April (rescheduled from 2nd/3rd April).

Regular preventative maintenance required on the antennae arrays and ground based ILS infrastructure. While work is carried out on the ILS it is not be available and aircraft use navigational guidance provided by alternative equipment, known as the VOR and DME. Approach and landings using the VOR and DME navigational equipment mean that aircraft approaching to land are displaced from their usual precise centre line.

Aircraft landing using these different navigational aids must be configured to land earlier in their approach. This means that with the flaps extended and under carriage deployed earlier, aircraft may also be noisier than usual. The ILS will be unavailable between 10:30 and 16:00 hrs on Friday 10th April 2015 (rescheduled from 20th/30th March).

Maintenance works that may affect departing aircraft

In order to fly within the standard Preferred Noise Routes (PNRs) used by departures from Manchester Airport aircraft fly Standard Instrument Departures (SIDs).

These SIDs  consist of a series of navigational instructions. If the any or all navigational aids required to fly the SID are not available then the aircraft will instead fly a Non Standard Departure Instruction.

If ground based navigational aids are unavailable then departing aircraft will be given Non Standard Departure Instructions that will cause them to fly outside of the normal Preferred Noise Routes. Such works are weather dependent and so could be postponed/re planned. Other outages may be required due to equipment failure.

Airport City - World Logistics Hub

Please use the link below entitled "Completed World Logisitics Hub" to see an annotated artists impression of how the site will look when complete (in ten to fifteen years’ time). The first phase of work is now complete:

  • The realignment of Sunbank Lane and other road infrastructure is now in place.
  • Landscape and hedgerow planting will take place this autumn; this area comprises 14.8 hectares (39%) of the site and will become part of the Airports landscape and habitat management area.
  • Construction of the cargo shed for our first tenant is now complete and DHL have now occupied the site.

Planning permission was granted in February 2015 to add the next phase, a new £15million, 130,000 square foot facility. Construction will commence shortly and will be complete for early 2016.

Updates on further work will be published on this page as we progress.

Area B Car Park north of Ringway Road

Land to north of Ringway Road, bound to the west by Shadowmoss Road and to the east by Styal Road was allocated for Airport Car Parking and Surface Access in the Manchester Core Strategy. This land was also listed for such a use in the Land use Plan of the Manchester Airport Master Plan to 2030 published in 2007 (and in the preceding Master Plans that covered the decades before).

In 2013 we presented various options for the land around the parking area and asked for feedback. We used this feedback to shape our successful planning application; permission was granted in November. The works have been summarised on a plan of the site. We have held regular meetings with representatives of Moss Nook Residents Committee to agree the detail of the 8 hectares (30%) of the site that has been landscaped; to provide ‘green space' between residential dwellings and parked vehicles.

Work on site is now complete except for some adjustments to the lighting columns and further planting. Planting does take time to establish and mature; a variety of 'quick growing' species have been planted which will grow and spread to create good coverage and screening over the coming months and years.

Airfield Security and Perimeter Fence 

We have more than nine miles of security fencing around the airfield perimeter and over time we will replace all of it. We are naturally focusing on those areas that we have identified as being particularly old or in need of repair. Works are currently taking place close to Terminal 3. On this page we will provide updates as the work progresses and let you know which areas will be replaced as they are identified and work schedules produced.

Keeping In Touch

We are committed to staying in touch with our community. To help provide the best possible service to the people who live in our neighbourhood, we hold regular Community Outreach 'surgeries' across the area, giving local residents the opportunity to raise queries and ask questions of members of our Community Relations Team.

Listening to You

We recognise that we can be a noisy and disruptive neighbour; and so we are always keen to engage with those that are affected by our operations. We work hard to ensure that we operate in a manner designed to cause the least disturbance possible whilst meeting the public demand to fly. On this site we provide information on our normal operations as well as notice and explanation when there are significant changes. The video on the next page provides a further insight into our complainants procedures. 

Runway Closures

Check this page regularly to view the latest information on scheduled runway closures at Manchester Airport. Maintenence work will be carried out throughout certain intervals in 2015, ensuring the runway is safe for use when you are departing or arriving at our airport. 

How do I record disturbance?

If you are particularly disturbed by Airport operations we can investigate your concern; we have produced a short video clip that outlines the care we take to investigate and reply to complaints made.

If you would like us to investigate please register your complaint on the next page.

Contact Details

Community Relations
Telephone: 08000 967 967

Further Contact Information

If there are any questions or particular concerns that are not addressed on this page please e-mail the Community Relations Team or call using the information listed above.

If you have any suggestions about how to improve this page please let us know.

On this page we have outlined detailed information of use to those living around our site.