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How Do We Do It?

Environmental Management 

Everyone on site is responsible for making sure we comply with environmental laws and that we improve our environmental performance, and we try to weave environmental issues through all our business processes. 

We have an Environmental Management System (EMS) that is certified to ISO 14001 and is independently audited on a six monthly basis. Our system assists us in: 

  • Identifying the airport’s main environmental impacts 
  • Operating the airport in a way that controls and reduces impacts and complies with environmental laws 
  • Being prepared for emergency and unusual events such as major fuel spillages or aircraft incidents 
  • Regular auditing of our own and our tenants facilities and operations to check they are meeting the standards 
  • Continually improving our environmental performance by reducing carbon emissions and waste generated, improving surface water quality etc in line with our challenging environmental targets
  • Working with service partners, contractors and suppliers to make sure that their operations and facilities are compliant too 
  • Providing information and training to make sure that all employees are aware of their responsibilities. 
  • Reporting our performance in our annual M.A.G Sustainability Report.