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Environmental Management

Sustainable Development Plan

Our Sustainable Development Plan (SDP) sets out the strategic context for the long-term development of Manchester Airport. The SDP comprises a high level summary and four detailed plans that deal with the Economy and Surface Access, Environment, Community and Land Use. Click here to access the Sustainable Development Plan.

Environment Plan

What the main environmental issues are and how we approach environmental management and improvement across the site. 

Community Plan

How we engage with local communities about the issues that concern them, and how we can contribute to social and economic wellbeing of those living around the airport.

Economy and Surface Access Plan

Our support to the North West region's economy and transport connectivity

Land Use

The land uses and faciities required to support the development of Manchester Airport.

Environment Policy

Our top-level commitment to environmental management. Click here to access our policy.

Noise Action Plan

Our strategy for managing aircraft noise and track keeping to reduce impacts on communities living around us. It includes over 50 specific measures ranging from restricting the use of the noisiest aircraft at night, to offering a sound insulation grant. A summary is also available. Click here to access the plan.

Night Noise Policy

Measures to specifically ensure noise impacts from night flights are controlled. Click here to access the plan.

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