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Travel Money top tips

Planning ahead when buying your currency can often put more cash in your pocket to spend on your holiday. Read on to discover our top tips and help you to maximise your travel money, squeezing every possible dollar, euro or dirham from your currency exchange.

Travelex Online Price Promise

To max your rates, it’s always worth planning ahead. Buying from means that you’ll benefit from the Travelex Online Price Promise: if you find a cheaper overall price on foreign currency elsewhere, Travelex will refund you the difference**.

Check the Total Cost, Not Just the Rate

When you’re buying your currency, it’s important to look at the total cost and not just at the exchange rate. If you want to get the best deal for spending overseas, look at for the best combination of a great exchange rate and a low rate of commission, handling costs and delivery fees.

Head to the Travelex Hub

Over on the Travelex travel hub, you’ll find a great selection of top travel tips and guides, as well as no end of destination inspiration to fill you with wanderlust. Updated regularly, you’ll find everything from guides to solo travel to top tips on travelling with kids. 

Top Travel Money Tips

  • Avoid exchanging currency in your hotel. Our research has shown that hotels offer some of the worst rates, so if you do leave it to the last minute or after your arrival, look for a reputable bureau to change your money.

  • Don’t lose out on exchanging leftover currency. Travelex’s Buy Back Plus guarantees that Travelex will buy your leftover currency back from you, at the same rate you that you bought if for and without any commission.

  • We recommend taking a mixed wallet of cash and a prepaid travel money card such as the Travelex Money Card. Foreign currency cards enable you to lock in your exchange rate at the time of loading and are separate from your bank account, which provides peace of mind for those worried about theft or fraud.
  • Beware of hidden credit or debit card charges on overseas usage. The Travelex Money Card is free from fees on overseas purchases or cash withdrawals*.
  • Be rate-wise whilst abroad. Keep an eye on the rates whilst on your holiday so that you’re not missing out by using the wrong exchange rate.

  • Be aware of any restrictions that may apply to your currency. Some countries only permit you to take a small amount of currency in or out of the country, whilst others don’t permit you to take any at all. As this only applies to cash, a prepaid currency card such as the Travelex Money Card is a simple and safe alternative.

  • Do your homework. Before you travel, find out if there are any local customs that apply such as tipping or whether it’s acceptable to barter.

Please note the following:

* Please be advised that although Travelex do not charge ATM fees, some operators may charge their own fee or set their own limits. Please check with the ATM before using. Up to the available balance on the card and subject to availability.

**For full terms and conditions please visit the Online Price Promise page at