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Travelling with your own Mobility Equipment

You are able to travel with your own Mobility Equipment such as wheelchairs, mobility scooters or walkers. Please advise your airline in advance of your flight to ensure the appropriate arrangements are in place.

If you are travelling with an electric wheelchair or mobility scooter our Assistance service partner will assist in ensuring this is safe for travel. Once at the Airport and checked-in, OCS request passengers visit their Reception point allowing them to check the dis-arming procedure, and any other needs. You are then welcome to proceed onwards to security alone or with the assistance of an OCS Customer Care Agent.

Should you be travelling with an EMA (Electric Chair), this will be seen at the gate by the allocated Customer Care Agent. It is the Customer Care Agent’s duty to follow the instructions to ensure it is safe for travel. It helps us keep delays to a minimum if you know how your device works in advance.

Should your Mobility Equipment become damaged, we (Manchester Airport) will provide a loan chair. This will be supplied to you by our PRM Assistance service provider, OCS.

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