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Assistance Dogs

We welcome customers and their Assistance Dogs. The information below outlines the important requirements that apply when travelling with an Assistance Dog and what to expect whilst at the Airport.

Please note that the only dogs we permit in our terminal buildings are Assistance Dogs.

Should you require any further information, please contact the OCS Duty Manager on 07988 76886.

Assistance Dogs Before You Travel

Before You Travel

In order to leave or enter the UK, the Assistance Dog must:

  • Be micro-chipped
  • Be vaccinated
  • Be blood tested
  • Be treated against ticks and worms
  • Be issued with an EU passport or a third country vetinary certificate
  • Be travelling on an approved route.

It is important that you make your airline aware you are travelling with your Assistance Dog at least 48 hours before travel.

Departing from Manchester Airport

When travelling from Manchester Airport, OCS will ensure all requirements are met to ensure you and your Assistance Dog are able to travel.

On getting to the Airport, you should attend the Reception Point for Assistance. Here OCS will;

  • Check you have a valid booking.
  • Check the route is approved.
  • Check the Pet Passport or third country veterinary certificate.
  • Scan the Microchip.
  • Check the dogs Vaccinations.

Once all the checks are complete, OCS will assist you to the Check-In desk to complete any necessary check-in processes that may apply to your particular airline. From here you will be assisted through the dedicated Special Assistance lane at Security and onwards into the Departure Lounge. Our Customer Care Assistants will ensure you and your Assistance Dog are comfortable and provide any assistance as necessary.

Assistance Dogs Departing from Manchester Airport
Assistance Dogs Arriving in to Manchester Airport

Arriving in to Manchester Airport

Your airline should have already made our Special Assistance service partner, OCS aware of your arrival in to Manchester Airport, providing them with information including;

  • Your name.
  • Flight Number.
  • Pet Passport or third country veterinary certificate details.
  • Microchip number.
  • Vaccination details.

OCS will meet your aircraft on Arrival. We kindly request that you and your Assistance Dog remain onboard until general disembarkation has concluded. This will allow the OCS Customer Care Agent to then complete checks on all documentation and check you Assistance Dog’s microchip.

You and your Assistance Dog will then be assisted through Immigration, onwards to the baggage reclaim hall and given assistance from this point in line with your requirements.

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