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The standard tour lasts for 2 hours.

One hour will be held in the cabin of the DC10 aircraft, using a variety of visual aids, we look at flight and different types of aircraft. With the children’s assistance, we explore some of the many jobs taking place every day at the airport.

There is also an exciting opportunity to visit the flight deck and learn about the flight controls!

The remainder of the tour takes place outside. We will explain some of the various airfield operations, look at aircraft movements and visit some of our own aircraft on site. Included in this section is a brief visit to our classroom, where children will take part in an interactive airport related activity.

Please let us know if you have wheelchair users or others with special needs in your group.

We have a separate resource available if the DC10 is not available or for children with limited mobility which has been decorated with an aviation theme and we can run the role play here, however without the flight deck access.

If there are no other activities in the Concorde Hangar, we will take the children to see Concorde to explore this iconic aircraft.

This cost is £9.50 per child and for every five children that you bring you will get on adult place free. Additional adults are charged at £9.50.
Tours of Concorde can be arranged, though availability is limited, they start from £5 per person. There is no discount for teachers & adult helpers on Concorde Tours.

Please see our Educational Tour Enquiry Form if wishing to book a tour.

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