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Airport Summary

Fact Sheet: Manchester Airport Summary

  • Manchester Airport is the UK’s Global Gateway from the North, and the UK’s third biggest airport handling over 22 million passengers a year. More than 60 airlines offer direct flights from Manchester to over 200 destinations worldwide
  • Manchester Airport is one of the largest centres of employment in the North West with more than 19,000 people directly employed on site, supporting a further 42,500 jobs in the North West of England.
  • In 2014/15 there were 163,657 passenger flights at Manchester Airport
  • The airport has two full length parallel runways, three passenger terminals, a world freight terminal, a multi-modal ground transport interchange and integrated motorway and rail connections.

Manchester Airport

  • Has more UK and Ireland routes than any other UK or Ireland Airport
  • Is the largest Airport outside London
  • Is home to the now retired Concorde 204 G-BOAC, the flagship of the British Airways fleet
  • Is within a two-hour travel time of one third of the UK population
  • Has two runways, three terminals, 42 air bridges, 254 check-in desks, more than 500 toilets and 940 information screens
  • Home to over 120 shops and restaurants, as well as seven hotels
  • Passengers drink an average of one million pints of beer, eat 300,000 breakfasts and more than 3 million hot drinks every year
  • More than 1.5 million bottles of water and 40,000 bottles of champagne, 1.8 million books and over a million packs of cigarettes are bought by passengers every year in the Airport’s shops
  • Has three bat barns to house thousands of Pipistrelle, Brown Long-eared and Brandt’s bats. It has also built badger sets, a mammal tunnel under the second runway and has 92 ponds full of newts, toads, frogs and insects
  • Has a Runway Visitor Park for visitors and aviation enthusiasts, which is visited by over a quarter of a million people every year. It is home to the retired Concorde G-BOAC, as well as a Monarch Airlines DC-10, BEA Hawker Siddeley Trident 3B and an Avro RJX - the last civil airliner to be built in the UK.
  • Is one of the UK’s largest art sponsors. More than £8 million has been donated over the Airport’s history


  • Manchester Airport officially opened in June 1938
  • Runway 2 officially opened in February 2001 by Tony Blair
  • Terminal 1 opened in 1962 by the Duke of Edinburgh
  • Terminal 2 opened by the Duke of Edinburgh in 1993
  • Diana Princess of Wales opened Terminal A, which is now a part of Terminal 3, in 1989

Manchester Airports Group (MAG)

  • MAG serves 48 million passengers and handles almost half a million tonnes of air freight every year through its ownership and operation of the airports of London Stansted, Manchester, East Midlands and Bournemouth airports. 

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